I'm Tanya, and I founded Socially Sharp to help you grow your business. I work with small and medium sized business to make them more efficient with day to day tasks, clarify their marketing message and present it in a way that results in more sales, more clients, and better relationships with existing ones. 

I belive in making this world a better place, and so do you. I specialize in working with people who are doing this. Coaches, NGO’s, Lightworkers, Reiki Masters, Yoga Schools, and more!

You help people, and provide a service or a product that you Love and Believe In and you want everyone to know! You know the more people you can reach the more good you can do, and that is where I come in. I can help you with;

  • Facebook marketing and Ad campains

  • Instagram Marketing reach

  • Email and Newsletter marketing (The best way to make a connection with your audience! Let’s Do This!)

  • Other - yeah a bunch of stuff, let’s chat!

You are doing Good, and I want to help you. More importantly I can! You know how to share Your Gift, Your Offering or Service, to this world. But - marketing it? Not so much. You know you need social marketing but don't have the time to search for and create content, or to keep up with the non-stop industry changes and challenges? How to even start?

Your time is extremely valuable.  You should be focused on building your business, not tasks.  I and can give you time back to do what you actually need to do. I have 18 years of professional experience and can help you: 

  • improve your efficiency and day to day workflow

  • take over tasks you do not enjoy doing or are not good at

  • look after your social media posting

  • strategize and clarify your marketing message

  • make delivering that message more efficient

  • build relationships and improve communication with your clients

  • grow your business, making you more money BAM

Hire me. You won't regret it. I am Passionate about helping those, who help others.


social media marketing packages

Get Found and Grow. Deepen your Brand's Relationship with Clients. Stand out and Build Trust. Convert Leads to Sales.

We're talking Strategy, Content, Reporting and a whole lot more.  

Click HERE to see Social Marketing Packages starting at $295 a month.

Do you need office assistance? I have 18 years of experience and am here to help you. Packages by monthly retainer and are min 3 month contracts.

I need some Help Package ~ $350 ~ 10 hours/month @ $35/Hr
I could use a Manager Package ~ $660 ~ 20 hours/month @ $33/Hr
I am so busy can you Run the Show ~ $1200 ~ 40 hours/month @$30/Hr

  • managing your emails, filing or actioning them

  • ensuring you stay on track with goals and meet deadlines

  • customer care, keeping your clients happy and looked after

  • managing your time, booking appointments (no sales calls)

  • carrying out internet and business research

  • website updates and improvements

  • preparing presentations and documents

  • webinar set up and assistance

  • research and implement better systems

  • social media posting (social management packages are separate)

  • social media platform monitoring and moderation or engagement

  • forms, infographics, and document creation