I'm Tanya, and I founded Socially Sharp to help you grow your business. 
Want to know a big fat secret?

I have a cleaning lady. I don't clean my own house. Yes, you read that right. Am I a Princess? Nope. Well, maybe the bad ass kind that like, slays dragons and stuff, sure. Do I know how to clean? Um, yes, yes I do. Made of money or lazy?? Not a chance!  So what then!? WHY would I have a cleaning lady? 

Because, frankly put, my time can be better spent.

Her name is Sonia BTW and I *heart* her. I trust her to do her job right and on time. So, I don't have to worry about those details. It makes my life easier, frees up my time, and the stress relief and value she brings me is worth the expense.

You hiring me has the same effect for you. How will you ever really grow your business to the level you know it can get to, if you are overloaded with tasks? 

You have someone who can take care of so many important things for you, and who will Give you Time back, to do what you actually need to do. I can:

  • make you more efficient
  • improve relationships with your existing clients
  • help you connect with your target market more effectively
  • grow your business and make you more money!!

I'll be your secret weapon to help you stay focused on achieving your goals.


social media marketing packages $495 / month

We're talking strategy, growth, content, reporting and a whole lot more. 

Click HERE to see what is included in marketing packages.

Personal Virtual Assistance - $50 hourly

Packages on monthly retainer

I need some Help Package ~ $399 10 hours / month
I could use a Manager Package ~ $699 20 hours
I am so busy, can you Run the Show ~ $1199 40 hours

  • monitoring your emails, and filing or actioning them
  • ensuring you stay on track with goals and meet deadlines
  • keeping your clients happy and looked after
  • managing your time, booking appointments (no sales calls)
  • supporting your success with accountability check ins
  • carrying out internet and business research
  • basic website updates and improvements
  • preparing presentations and documents
  • webinar set up and assistance